Beginning immediately, home owners, lot owners and/or tenants in need of a WPOA window sticker for a vehicle will be required to provide our office with proof of ownership and other information for the vehicle in question.  Please note that each sticker will have a unique number, and must be attached to the windshield of the vehicle to which it is assigned.  Utilizing the same sticker for multiple vehicles is not allowed. Anyone using a sticker unattached to a vehicle will be asked to surrender that sticker to WPOA.

Beginning in 2020, vehicle window stickers will no longer be automatically mailed out to homeowners and/or property owners.  Instead this form must be filled out completely and returned to the office with proof of ownership for each vehicle needing a sticker. 

A more convenient method is to fill out the form and submit it here on the website.  You have the ability here to submit a copy of your proof of ownership for each vehicle needing a sticker by uploading a copy of it at the bottom of this form.