Q - How will I receive messages?
A -
It depends on the urgency of the situation and your preferences.  Options for receiving messages include:
  • Voice Call - Cell or landline or both depending on which phone numbers you have on file with us.  Make sure we have your current home, work and/or cell phone number on file using the form below.
  • EMAIL - If we have your current email address on file.  Provide us with your email address using the form below.
  • SMS TEXT MESSAGE - Provide us with the correct cell phone number and give us permission to text you by completing the form below.
Q - Why do we need a messaging service?
A -
 By using this service, we are able to better communicate with residents while reducing the need to print and distribute notices.  It also allows us to send you urgent messages such as weather/evacuations, neighborhood watch advisories, or amber alerts.  We understand that good communication is vital to good community relationships!

Q - Will my contact information be kept private?
A - None of your personal information will be shared with anyone outside of One Call Now.  One Call Now takes the security and privacy of your personal information (i.e phone numbers, email addresses) very seriously.  This is never sold or shared - you will not receive any unsolicited calls as a result of using the service.

Q - Do I have to pay any additional fees for this service?
A - No, this service is free to our residents!!

By submitting this form, I authorize One Call Now to send me notices and/or updates via the modes of communication I have listed in the form below.